Month of FOSS contributions - Feb '13


I'm documenting my contributions to FOSS every month from now for two purposes:

  • As a log of my activity
  • To serve as a motivation for further participation

Psst, also for boasting about it, wink wink.


While trying to work on django-haystack, I found a bug reported by Zed Shaw where a search query would crash the search page provided by haystack.

Upon digging into haystack and whoosh, I found that there's a edge case in the whoosh query parser where passing a query containg a stop word and negative filter can raise an error (e.g: the query string ?q=-1). I figured out a simple fix and submitted a pull request which was promptly accepted.

I was hoping to find something to contribute to haystack and help with the maintanance, but looks like it will have to wait untill I get some more time.



I have always been a fan of mozilla and django-browserid looks like the perfect match for me to contribute towards. I tried out the library by going through the docs and found it to be a breeze. I was able to improve the docs a bit and triage a few bugs.

I have to say people working on this project are very helpful and understanding. Looking forward to spending more time on this project in the future.




I really enjoyed working on these projects, and I'm looking forward to speding more time to get more comfortable with them and contributing even more. Here's to bigger, better things!